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It all adds up: Plastic Free July FNQ 2016

Did you know that in this year alone a whopping 9 million tonnes of plastic will enter the world's oceans?

Can you refuse to use single-use plastic this July?

Say no to all single-use plastic items, just the Top 4 (straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags, coffee cups) or make your own custom pledge Eg. plastic free workplace


Sign up for a day, a week or the whole month and rally the support of your family and friends to help you raise money for the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre Inc (CAFNEC). 


Make sure you register through our Cafnec Marine Response team website first, before you make your GoFundraise page: 
Click here to register


About the campaign
The 'It all adds up' campaign raises awareness in the local community of plastic pollution and its impact on our oceans and marine life. It is driven by the CAFNEC Marine Response Team - a dedicated group of volunteers from the local community who together are taking action to protect the Far North Queensland marine environment. The ultimate aim is get a state-wide ban on plastic bags for Queensland and a container deposit scheme.

The actions we take, together add up & can make a real difference to the plastic adding up in our oceans.

About our organisation
CAFNEC advocates for the protection of the unique tropical natural environment of Far North Queensland. Money donated will help CAFNEC continue their work through initiatives such as the Marine Response Team and the ‘Plastics: It All Adds Up’ campaign. CAFNEC relies heavily on community support, and a large portion of this is from fundraising events and activities involving dedicated people like you. 

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